1. Primary admission of patients is carried out only by appointment.

2. The patient can be recorded for an appointment by calling the Center at 8 (8512) 311-000 (multiline phone)

or 8 (8512) 311-111 (office of paid services); Appointment for a consultation in the children's department 8 (8512) 311-133


3. By phone, the patient must provide the operator with the following mandatory information about himself:

surname, name, patronymic,
date of birth,
contact phone number,
presence/absence of a referral to the Federal State Budgetary Institution "FTSSSH" of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Astrakhan) according to Form 057/у-04.

4. The registrar agrees with the patient on the optimal date of admission.


You can make an appointment/consultation/examination as part of the compulsory medical insurance program (under the CHI policy). To do this, you need a referral from the attending physician and an extract, issued indicating the purpose of the consultation and containing the results of a preliminary study in accordance with the profile. You can also undergo an examination at the Center on a paid basis, with the execution of an agreement for the provision of paid services, in this case, referral is not necessary.

5. On the day of the appeal, you must have with you:

IMPORTANT! Referral for a consultation to the Federal State Budgetary Institution “FTSSSH” of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Astrakhan) with a mandatory note about the purpose of the referral.
passport (birth certificate for patients under 14 years old);
a policy of compulsory medical insurance of a single sample, with the exception of cases of emergency medical care. For children from birth up to 30 days, medical assistance under compulsory medical insurance can be provided under the policy of the mother;
SNILS (certificate of compulsory pension insurance);
a certificate on the establishment of a disability group (if there is a disability group);
an extract from the primary medical documentation issued by the attending physician (if any);
results of diagnostic studies (if available);
6. During the initial visit to the Consultative and Diagnostic Department of the Center, the patient applies to the registry, where a medical card is issued containing the following information:

surname, name, patronymic (in full),
date of birth (day, month, year),
address according to registration data on the basis of an identity document,
series of passport number, citizenship,
MHI policy number, name of the insurance company
social status (employment, marital status, disability)
7. Consent to the processing of personal data is issued.

8. When a patient applies for medical care on a paid basis, a contract for the provision of paid medical services is drawn up, the patient pays for these services at the cash desk.

9. Next, the patient goes directly to the doctor.

10. Signs informed voluntary consent for medical interventions.