Federal Central Vascular Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Astrakhan)


The Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery "FCSSKh" of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Astrakhan) is a high-tech and highly specialized medical institution for the provision of medical care for the cardio-surgical profile. Our center is equipped exclusively with the most modern equipment that meets all international standards. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, the specialists of the center provide medical care at the highest level, applying an individual approach to each patient.

Among our doctors:

317 nurses are responsible for the safety and well-being of patients every day. The doctor/nurse ratio meets the European standard of one to two and a half.
This allows us to say with confidence that all patients in the center receive individual care around the clock: in the anesthesiology-reanimation department there is 1 nurse for two patients, and in the hospital there are two nurses for 10 patients.

The Center is able to solve a wide range of issues on:

The main mission of our Center is to provide high-quality and safe specialized, including high-tech medical care using effective, safe, modern medical technologies to patients with cardiovascular pathology.





History of the Center
On March 4, 2009, the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan was put into operation within the framework of the national project "Health" to improve the availability of cardiac surgical care to citizens of the Russian Federation. Since April 03, the Center has accepted the first patients. This event became especially significant for residents of 11 regions of the Southern Federal District and the North Caucasus Federal District with a total population of 13 million 500 thousand people, since they entered the zone of maximum transport accessibility of the Center's medical services.

Patients from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, and residents of neighboring countries also come to the Center.

The center is equipped with modern equipment that meets all the requirements for providing world-class high-tech medical care in the field of "cardiovascular surgery" and is one of the largest clinics for operative surgery of the heart and blood vessels in the country.

The hospital is designed for 167 cardiac surgery beds, of which 17 are for children and 40 for intensive care units. The Center has a day hospital for 4 cardiosurgical beds. Outpatient advisory assistance is designed for 100 visits per shift. To ensure the implementation of specialized, including high-tech medical care in the profile of "cardiovascular surgery", the structure of the Center has all the necessary departments. The Center has 8 operating rooms, in which an average of 7,000 heart surgeries are performed per year. Such a volume of surgical interventions maintains the professional class of a surgeon at a high level.

The Center performs operations on adults, children, including newborns for all congenital and acquired heart diseases (excluding transplants) with and without artificial circulation.

Over the years, the Center has introduced and mastered the latest technologies for surgical treatment, developing the direction of hybrid and endovascular correction of CHD, the direction of coronary artery bypass grafting on a beating heart without artificial circulation, new methods of surgical treatment of complicated forms of coronary artery disease, combined interventions on heart valves with surgical treatment of arrhythmias, modern direction of minimally invasive heart valve surgery with video support, 3D ultrasound reconstruction of the heart, a program of hybrid and endovascular operations for aortic aneurysms have been introduced.

The latest technologies, expert-class equipment, combined with professional human resources are a guarantee of excellent results.

Today, the Center employs 731 employees, including 132 doctors, 317 paramedical workers. Many doctors have completed internships and training in leading clinics in Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Israel, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Italy, Norway, Holland and continue to constantly improve their qualifications. 35 doctors were invited from different regions of the country. All of them are professionals in their field with extensive experience in cardiac surgery. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, the Center's specialists provide medical care at the highest level, applying an individual approach to each patient.

Every year, our specialists take part in the world's largest congresses of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, such as the World Congress of the World Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, AATS: Heart Valve Summit, the European Society of Cardiology Congress, TCT RUSSIA and many others, they also attend conduct master classes.

The activity of the nursing staff is also constantly being improved, developed and achieves high performance.
To coordinate and analyze the activities of nursing professionals in 2008, a council of senior nurses was established. In 2013, nurses took part in a pilot project of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to study and develop models for expanding the functional responsibilities of nurses.

In terms of the volume of operations performed in all areas of cardiovascular surgery, the Center is among the 10 best clinics in the country.

The developed organizational technologies, information system, adherence to medical technologies, clinical recommendations and standards, make it possible to effectively use all the resources of the Center and provide medical care at the level of the best European and American medical centers.

The Center's employees make every effort to justify the responsibility entrusted to them, help patients, offering effective treatment, saving lives even in the most difficult cases. Everyday work is aimed at providing the highest level of services, creating a new culture of medical care.


Working hours of the Center
Administration: Monday-Friday: 8.00-17.00 / Saturday, Sunday: closed

Station: around the clock

Consultative and diagnostic department: Monday-Friday: 7.00-19.00 / Saturday, Sunday: day off

Children's consultative and diagnostic department: Monday-Friday: 8.00-16.00 / Saturday, Sunday: day off


Center location address
Finding us is easy:
Our address: Astrakhan, st. Pokrovskaya Grove 4

When calling a passenger taxi, tell us our address.
List of passenger taxis:
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Taxiplane: 8 (8512) 99-99-99
"Taxi 24": 8 (8512) 24-24-24

You can get to the stop "Kardiotsentr" on Sofia Perovskaya Street by public transport. From the Railway and Bus Station by fixed-route taxis number 24, 57 and 92, the journey will take you about 30 minutes. From the airport "Narimanovo" can only be reached with a transfer, first by taxi No. 5 or No. 85s to the stop "Astrakhanregiongaz" at Shaumyan Square 2, then by minibus No. 18s. The journey will take about 50 minutes. If you are already in the city center, then you can also get from Oktyabrskaya Square by bus and fixed-route taxi No. 18. From the cardio center stop, follow the signs on foot, as shown in the photo.