Organization of patients’ meals


Tasty and healthy food is good not only for the body, but also for the soul, and also triggers the healing process. It is an integral part of the treatment process. Our menus are selected in accordance with the patient's health and diagnosis, and a variety of dishes is prepared with the freshest high quality ingredients. Our chefs are proud to be able to offer you excellent cuisine, adapted to the individual needs of our patients. We offer you delicious and healthy food!


Patients are provided with meals six times a day.

The diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, freshly baked pastries, dairy products, cereals and vitamin drinks.

For the comfort of our patients, all meals are provided in their rooms, where portioned meals are delivered by the staff on specialized trucks with heating.

In the units of children and intensive care, the ready-made meals are delivered in isoboxes (thermo-plates, which retain heat for at least 3 hours).

The parents of hospitalized children are also provided with the regular meals.

You can order paid meals. To see the menu, look here or contact the nurse.