Pernicious habits

Before the operation you had to stop smoking or reduce the amount of cigarettes. It is important now not to resume the habit. Keeping away from addiction may be difficult, but you will surely manage it – this is the best decisions that you have made towards your heart and health in general. Smoking - is more than a habit. It is nicotine addiction; it is the choice in favor of early death!

Nicotine causes:

• spasm of extremity vessels - atherosclerosis - feet amputation;

• spasm and the  bronchial tubes inflammation - pulmonary sclerosis - death from suffocation;

• fatty plaques formation in heart and brain's vessels - heart attack and apoplectic stroke;

• increasing of gastric secretion and gastric vasospasm - ulcer and gastric cancer;

• vascular spasms of the bladder and prostate - bladder cancer and impotence.


Nicotine leads to:

• disruption of women’s menstrual cycle, thrombosis when using oral contraceptives;

• appearance of wrinkles and premature aging;

• frequent illnesses of your loved ones as you turn them into passive smokers.

A few tips to help you with quitting smoking:

• Try not to carry cigarettes with you;

• Avoid smoking companies;

• Ask others not to smoke in your presence;

• Avoid activities during which you were / are used to smoke (to sit up at the table, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol);

• When you feel like smoking - eat sugar-free gum or twist something in your hands. If you busy your mouth and hands, you are less likely to smoke a cigarette.

• use a nicotine patch, a special chewing gum and even special medications after consulting an expert in narcology.

Drinking alcohol

• Try to avoid drinking alcohol, as it destroys the liver and inhibits the myocardium;

• If you can not, it is optimal to intake alcohol occasionally in small quantities in the form of 1 glass (150-200 grams) of red wine.