Chernov Igor Ionovich
And about. Chief Physician, Deputy Chief Physician for Surgical Care, Cardiovascular Surgeon, Honored Doctor of Russia.

Reception days and hours: Wednesday 16.00-17.00

Phone for appointment: 8 8512 311 001









Kitalaeva Kamila Tazhibovna
Deputy chief physician for the organization of medical care, cardiologist

Reception days and hours: Thursday 13.00-14.00

Phone for appointment: 8 8512 311 170










Bondarenkova Olga Gennadievna
Deputy Chief Physician for Quality, Organizational and Methodological Work

Reception days and hours: Friday 11.00-12.00

Phone for appointment: 8 8512 311 170









Order No. 91 dated June 28, 2023 "On the organization of work on the consideration of applications from citizens and organizations"

Appendix No. 1 to Order No. 91 dated 06/28/2023
Regulations on the organization of work with citizens' appeals in the Federal State Budgetary Institution "FTSSSH" of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Astrakhan)