So, you have decided to stay at hospital in our Center. We appreciate your trust and will do our best to help you to recover quickly and leave with the good impression of your stay.


​Our staff will contact you to confirm the time and the date two weeks prior to your admission and will be happy to answer all your questions.

When you arrive at our Center for a treatment or an examination, you may park your car at any of 83 parking spaces at the Center territory, which are under CCTV surveillance. It will let you stay at the hospital without worrying about your belongings. Our staff will meet you at the reception and will follow you to the emergency room.

High level of comfort       

You will be treated with an individual approach and friendly atmosphere. We consider the care for patients and their comfort stay in our Center very important. All buildings in the Center are equipped with the central air filtering system (learn about its advantages) and climate control, which maintains the comfortable room temperature in any time of the year. (23° С in daytime, 21° С at night).       

All units have single and double rooms, which satisfy all modern requirements and a high level of comfort.


  High quality functional beds made in Germany.

  Bedside monitoring

  The equipment in the rooms include consoles with passages for connection with the medical equipment and oxygen supply.  

  All the beds, showers and bathrooms are equipped with emergency buttons for calling the medical staff. 

  The rooms include toilets and bathrooms. 

   Wardrobe, compact fridge, a locker, convenient bed tables, chairs and a table, separate ceiling and local lightning.

  Free Wi-Fi

During their stay, all patients are provided with everything they need (bed linens and dinnerware), except for personal hygiene items, shoes and a change of clothes.

Patients may spend their free time in comfortable halls watching TV and chatting with other patients. The common room has bookshelves with different kinds of books and hot and cold water dispensers. You can also visit our Health School, about which you can read in detail in the corresponding section.


If you look out of the window, you’ll see a beautiful park surrounding the Center, which pleases you with its bright colours any time of the year. We know that a beautiful view helps to feel better and recover quicker. 

Total safety and an individual approach

All hospitalized patients are under a constant control of friendly and attentive members of staff. We guarantee your safety and an individual approach round the clock. In the unit of anesthesiology and intensive care, there is a nurse for every two patients, and in the hospital there is a nurse for every ten patients. A nurse studies all the patients’ charts in detail, knows all the prescriptions and also conducts all the manipulations by herself. The coordinating nurse regulates all the issues of introducing and conducting diagnostic procedures.


Cleanness and order are a priority for our staff members. All common rooms and areas are cleaned six times a day, and all patients’ rooms are cleaned twice a day. An overall deep cleaning is carried out in between patients’ stays. The linen is changed every day, and more often if necessary.


We always aspire to make you feel comfortable and cozy in our Center. Professional competence, safety, absolute confidentiality and a high service level – the key to your faster recovery. You can rely on us!