Technologies and equipment


39,000 endovascular operations on the heart and blood vessels
15 years of continuous professional work
A team of highly qualified doctors who possess minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, who have received education and internships in leading clinics in Russia and the world.
About 50% of operations are performed using interventional treatment methods


High-tech medical care provided in our center is impossible without the use of the latest technologies and the use of the most modern equipment. We follow new trends in medicine and actively implement them. In particular, this applies to minimally invasive methods that reduce risks for patients, make the intervention less traumatic and increase the level of quality and comfort. Of course, the desired effect is achieved only in a combination of technologies, equipment, high skill and experience of specialists that we can guarantee.

The latest minimally invasive techniques performed in our center



  TAVI technique (transcatheter implantation of the aortic valve) is a method of treatment of aortic heart defects in elderly patients who have contraindications to open surgery.

  Installation of a self-absorbing vascular framework (stent) Absorb™ is a method of treating coronary heart disease in which the framework completely dissolves within about three years after installation.

  Self-expanding nitinol stent for carotid arteries is one of the most gentle minimally invasive treatment methods aimed at preventing stroke.

  Cryoablation is a modern method of treating arrhythmia with extreme cold.

Hardware and software.


   When performing catheter ablation, the only Allura Xper Philips angiographic system in Russia with ClarityIQ technology is used.

The system provides high-quality imaging for a wide range of clinical procedures, helping to produce excellent images for patients of almost any physique.


A distinctive feature of Allura systems with ClarityIQ technology is the ability to perform endovascular interventions under X-ray control with an average X-ray dose reduced by 73%.


   Philips Affinity 70 is an ultrasound device of the expert class of the premium category with a high level of resolution that improves image quality.


Conducting an expert ultrasound allows you to:

In the center, the ultrasound procedure is performed by highly qualified specialists using the latest expert-class equipment, which gives a guaranteed high-quality result.


The Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care uses Russia's first clinical information system Intelli Space Critical Care and Anesthesia, an information system for anesthesiology and ICU, designed specifically for automation and informatization of the anesthesiology, intensive care and intensive care services.


The implementation of the system has made it possible to improve treatment results, such as reducing the patient's stay in the department of anesthesiology-intensive care due to:

The combination of high skill and experience of specialists, the latest technologies and expert-class equipment is a guarantee of excellent results!