The technologies and the equipment

 21 000 endovascular heart and vessels surgeries
Number 2 by number of endovascular surgeries for patients with CHD (according to "Rhengen-endovascular diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular disease in Russia 2012-2016", B.G. Alekian, A.M. Grigoriyan, A.V. Staferov)
The team of highly-qualified doctors, who have mastered minimally invasive methods of heart and vessels disease treatment and have been trained at the world and national leading clinics
 About 50% of surgeries are done with interventional treatment methods


The high-tech medical care offered at our Centre would be impossible without applying new technologies and using the state-of-the-art equipment. We follow the latest trends in medicine and actively apply them. In particular, we work with the minimally invasive methods, which allow lowering the risks of the patients, making the surgery less traumatic and improving the level of quality and comfort. Of course, the desired effect can only be achieved by a combination of technologies, equipment, the high mastery level and experience of the experts, which we all can guarantee.

  TAVI method is the transcatheter aortic valve implantation, which is unique because it does not require breast opening and allows less intervention and lower risks of the negative consequences for the patients. This is particularly important for senior patients and those with the associated diseases that are counter-indicative to open surgery.


The minimally invasive methods of arrhythmia treatment:

• The arrhythmic radio frequency ablation is a procedure of applying the electric influence to the part of the heart, which causes the arrhythmia.

• The cryo ablation is a method of arrhythmia treatment with the use of extreme cold. Nitrous oxide, which serves as a source of cold, gets into the heart by the special balloon-catheter.

Cryo technology is a perspective direction of cardiology, which is conducted with less risk and a lot of other benefits. The combination of the RFA and cryo ablation allows reducing the risk of negative consequences to 1%, that is why it belongs to the category of surgeries of lower risk level.

The radio frequency ablation in our Centre is conducted with the use of the Russia only Allura Xper Philips angiographic system with the ClarityIQ technology.


The system guarantees high-quality visualization for a range of medical procedures, helping to obtain perfect images for the patients of all forms and sizes.

The distinctive feature of the Allura system with the ClarityIQ technology is an opportunity to conduct endovascular surgeries under the X-ray control with an average amount of radiation reduced to 73%.

The Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation uses Intelli Space Critical Care and Anesthesia, the first clinical information system in Russia, which was specifically designed to automate and inform the services of anesthesiology, reanimation and intensive care.


Benefits of the system integration:

Some of the treatment results have improved, such as reducing the time of the patient’s stay in the department and the number of complications, due to:

• the opportunity to conduct the internal audit of medical and technological processes;

• reduction in the number of medical errors;

• application of modern patient management protocols

Reducing the cost of treatment thanks to:

• reducing the time of the patient’s stay in the department;

• more efficient management of costly medicines and other resources.

Making the work of the department staff easier:

• reduction in information overload;

• automation of patients’ data collection;

• optimization of work processes.

 The ultrasound machine of expert level, Philips Affinity 70, is a premium-level device with a high definition quality and many additional functions, which improve the image quality and the research itself.

The expert ultrasound examination allows you to:

• identify the disease at an early stage;

• reveal the most precise diagnoses even if you have very vague clinical findings;

• appoint the correct treatment on time;

• control the treatment process.

Note that the ultrasound examination in our Centre is conducted by the qualified experts, which together with the state-of-the-art equipment grants you a high-quality result.