The Minister for the Open Government and the head of Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of Russian Federation evaluated the quality of medical care in the Federal Center

Last Friday, the Governor of the Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin, the Minister of the Russian Federation for Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov and the head of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare Mikhail Murashko visited the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan. As part of the visit, the head of the Federal Center Dmitry Tarasov spoke about the quality control of medical services.

As part of the public discussion on the implementation of the reform of the supervisory activities of the territorial branch of the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare in the Astrakhan region, the Center presented a form of a closed system for monitoring the quality of medical services. This model is implemented through technical and hospital systems. The technical system provides an uninterrupted control over the operation of equipment and life support systems. At the same time, the hospital system allows you to monitor the quality of the service through the introduction of standards, protocols for the provision of medical care and patient management.

Complete computerization of the medical facility allows managing human and financial resources, monitoring the whole life and activity of the Center: to get information about the patient's health, the work of doctors and medical personnel, the traffic and control of drugs and supplies.

As a result of the visit, Mikhail Murashko confirmed that at the moment the clinical protocols, approved by the order of the Ministry of Health on July 1, 2017, are already in full operation at the Federal Center. All this became possible thanks to the latest information system developed specifically for the Astrakhan Center for Cardiovascular Surgery.


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