The Hero Finally Received His Award – Dmitry Tarasov received his Label Pin «Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation»

Dmitry Tarasov, Chief Medical Officer of the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan, received his Label Pin «Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation» from Alexander Zhilkin, the Governor of the Astrakhan region.

Dmitry has been awarded this title by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 25.01.2017 for his achievements in healthcare development, medical science and long years of dedicated work.

The high-profile award ceremony took place at the conference hall of the Center. In his congratulatory speech, Alexander Zhilkin noted the importance of presenting this award in the presence of the Center's employees - the exemplary team assembled by Dmitry Tarasov, with whom he managed to achieve such great results. Dmitry also thanked his colleagues for their loyalty and support, saying, «Without you there would be no me, without you there would not be this award!»

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer for financial and economic affairs, Anna Kaluger, and the Center's Chief Nurse, Natalya Ekimova, also made congratulatory speeches.

Together with the Governor, the Minister of Health of the Astrakhan region, Pavel Dzhuvalyakov, and the State Duma official, Leonid Ogul, arrived to congratulate Dmitry. After the award ceremony, guests had a short tour in the blooming park of the Center and the greenhouses, where hundreds of plants are getting ready for planting in flowerbeds.


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