Coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Coronary artery bypass graft surgery is a surgery to restore blood flow in the heart arteries to bypass the affected area of the vessel. Today it is one of the most common methods of a coronary heart disease treatment, which for the thirty years of its existence has proven to be safe and secure.


Method of implementation

During the surgery, surgeons sew the shunt - create additional ways for blood flow to bypass the damaged or occluded parts of the artery. The material for the shunt is often the patient's own healthy vein, taken from a thigh, a hip and / or an internal thoracic artery. One end of the vein is sewn into the aorta, the second in the coronary artery beyond the arteriostenosis (occlusion).
We are doing the coronary artery bypass graft surgery in several ways, depending on the particular case and the individual features of each patient:
• On the stopped heart: during the surgery, the function of the heart and lungs is taken over by the heart-lung machine
• On the beating heart - without the heart-lung machine, the heart and lungs are working independently, using special equipment to stabilize the
zone of the surgery.
• With a minimal access - the surgery is conducted through a small hole made in the intercostal space.
An average surgery lasts 3-4 hours.
The decision on the method of surgery is individually adopted in each case, depending on the size and the lesion degree of coronary vessels and comorbidity.
More and more often our surgeons make a choice in favor of the least traumatic methods: it is conducted on a beating heart, and through a minimal access. Such an interference requires a high skill of the surgical team, and gives excellent results: the time spent in hospital is reduced and recovery is much faster and less painful.
Our center is one of the first in Russia to perform a minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery based on a MICS CABG procedure.

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