X-ray, CT, MRI

Methods of radial diagnostics are highly informative medical imaging techniques which allow to make an accurate diagnosis, to choose the treatment and to determine the required surgical procedure. Our center provides all kinds of X-ray and tomography examinations (CT, MRI) both to adult patients and children including newborns.



Hospital admission and the insertion of a catheter into the blood vessels of the heart are not required
The contrast agent is absolutely harmless and excreted from the body within a few days
Possibility of ECG synchronization, helps in the assessment of movable structures of the heart and blood vessels to eliminate artifacts and diagnostic errors
Precise measurement of aortic dimensions for calculating the size of a stentgraft

Method of implementation

Radiography is a research of the internal structure of organs with the means of X-rays. It allows to get information about the shape of organs and their position, peristalsis and condition of the relief of the mucous membrane. Along with fluoroscopy, it is the primary and most reliable method of X-ray examination with minimal dose of radiation. Computer tomography is a method of layer-by-layer diagnostics of the body, which allows to get images with high spatial
resolution in a few minutes. At the disposal of our center, there is a modern 64-slice spiral CT scanner, with 3D-construction. The procedure is quick and painless. It is also possible to conduct a research with contrast enhancement, a bolus method. The introduction of a contrast agent with an automatic syringe allows to have high-quality images of vessels, the heart, to define space-occupying lesions, as well as to detect blood clots in heart cavities.

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