Plastic surgery and valve replacement

During the operation on the heart valve, surgeons try to restore as much as possible the functions of its own valve. But often the damaged valve is replaced with an implant - a mechanical or biological prosthesis that will have all the properties necessary for normal blood flow.


Method of implementation

The surgery lasts at least two hours, and sometimes - longer. The operation is performed with temporary "switched off" heart. This is done with the help of Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) pump. The blood enters the CPB pump, where it is purified from carbon dioxide and enriched with oxygen (like the lungs work) via a pipe system, simulating the arteries and veins. In addition, the device provides the blood filtering and cooling or warming it in order to maintain adequate body temperature. During the surgery, the surgeon also removes proliferation and calcium deposits that disrupt the normal operation of the valve. In the course of the surgery a special artificial ring or semi ring is sutured over the fibrosus ring, which is normally located at the base of the valve. At the prosthetic procedure the damaged valve is completely removed. Thereafter, the surgeon sutures
in its place an artificial valve that will perform the desired function. If the implanted valve is functioning properly, the restoration of the blood flow through the heart can be conducted, and the incisions are closed. Two types of artificial valves are used nowadays - biological and mechanical. It is your doctor, who decides, which one is right for you, and the decision is done on the basis of many factors - diagnosis, sex, age and lifestyle. In some cases, such an operation can be done through a small incision in the intercostal space with minimally invasive method. In most cases people feel better immediately after the surgery, since the symptoms pass away. But often it takes some time - improvements can appear a few months later. Therefore, it is important to keep to the doctor’s recommendations, prescribed medication and a special diet.

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