Ultrasound investigation, ECG, Holter monitoring, stress tests

Ultrasound investigation or ultrasound is a diagnostic method that uses high frequency sound waves, allowing visualize a two-dimensional image of the body organs in real time. Ultrasound is often used to examine the heart, blood vessels, the digestive system and the pelvic organs. The investigation is safe and has no contraindications since the patient is not exposed to radiation. Ultrasound is recommended for pregnant women and children, who are usually not exposed to X-ray radiation, because of its danger. All the tests in our center are conducted by international protocol on the 3D-ultrasound machine.


Method of implementation

Ultrasound investigation of the heart (echocardioscopy) is a 3D imaging of valves and internal structures, an ultrasound investigation with contrast enhancement for the assessment of the blood flow, transesophageal examination for the diagnosis of thrombosis in rhythm disturbances and heart defects Ultrasound investigation of vessels - arteries and veins of the lower extremities, head and neck vessels to diagnose a threat of stroke. For patients with impaired brain vessels, in addition to conventional ultrasound of the neck vessels, we perform trans cranial Doppler ultrasonography, which allows to estimate the blood flow within the skull. Investigation of vessels in urology for the early diagnosis of the causes of sexual dysfunction for cardiological disease patients/ Ultrasound investigation of the abdomen, kidneys and adrenal glands, thyroid, breast, prostate and urinary bladder. Prenatal diagnosis is the examination of congenital heart diseases of the fetus from the 13th week of pregnancy with a 3D visualization. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a procedure of registration and examination of electric current generated at the work of the heart. It is a valuable method of electrophysiological instrumental diagnostics in cardiology and allows to primarily assess the condition and function of the heart, to see if everything is in order, and in what direction to move forward, in case of a deviation. Stress tests are tests with physical activity, such as a bicycle ergometer, a treadmill and stress echocardioscopy. The tests are conducted with the purpose of diagnosis, determining the prognosis and functional assessment of the current condition of the patient. The physical load given to the patient grows gradually and continuously until the symptoms finally appear, either indicating a poor capacity or achieving a certain heart rate. Ergometer (bicycle ergometer) is a bicycle-simulator, whose functionality allows you to control the load level with high accuracy. Treadmill-test consists of carrying out an electrocardiographic examination during physical activity on a special treadmill. Stress echocardioscopy is a combination of a two-dimensional echocardiography and a stress test. It is held to record objective evidence of myocardial ischemia induced by physical, pharmacological and other kinds of stress.

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