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Palnikova Olesya


A cardiologist of a wide spectrum, who applies her programming skills at work and tests electric cardiac pacemakers, automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillators, CRT-D and CRT-P. She has treated over 3000 patients. An active member of European and national congresses.


Education and scientific activity

2007 – graduated from the Astrakhan State Medical Academy in «Medicine».
2008 – completed the clinical internship at the chair of Hospital Therapy in «Therapy».
2008 – completed a cycle of primary postgraduate training in «Cardiology with a course in Functional Diagnostics» at the Astrakhan State Medical Academy.
2010 – completed the intensive postgraduate training course «Current issues of arrhythmology: the occurrence mechanisms, issues of the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for heart rhythm disturbances» and «Current problems of daily monitoring» at the Myasnikov Cardiology Science and Research Institute of the FSI Russian Cardiology Research and Production Complex, Moscow.
2010 – completed a postgraduate training course «Clinical cardiology with a course in Functional Diagnostics».
2011 – completed the intensive postgraduate training course «Clinical Electrophysiology, Intervention and Surgical Arrhythmology» the Educational and Research Center «SoMet» of the Bakulev Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery.
2012 - completed the intensive postgraduate training course «Diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disturbances» at the State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.


Academia Medical Education workshops:
2010 and 2012 – Pacing Basics for Doctors,
2011 – Clinical Anatomy Workshop,
2012 – Pacing for Experts,
2012 and 2014 – CRT experts.


Has been working in medicine since 2008.
2008 – 2009 – a cardiologist at the room of intensive therapy at the Cardiology unit of the Kirov City Clinical Hospital № 3.
Since 2009, Olesya has been working as a cardiologist at the unit of the Dysrhythmia Surgical Treatment and Pacing at the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Astrakhan.


2010 – The letter of acknowledgment on the Health Worker Day for work for the good of the nation and human health.
2011 – Diploma of Merit of the chief doctor «For personal contribution to the development of the health system and the implementation of the national project «Health».
2014 – Diploma of Merit «For dedication, collaborative work and professionalism».


Olesya is keen on travel and photography.



Магомедова Залина Ахмедовна

Review about Palnikova Olesya

Хочу выразить благодарность Олесе Викторовне❤️ за ответственный подход к работе, терпение, желание помочь каждому, умение общаться с пациентами, доходчивое объяснение проблемы, которое внушает доверие и спокойствие.Огромное Вам спасибо! Дальнейших Вам успехов в этой непростой профессии!❤️


Азизова Зумрут Рашидовна

Review about Palnikova Olesya

Хочется сказать Олесе Викторовне огромнейшее СПАСИБО за Ваш профессионализм, умение найти подход к каждому пациенту,настороить к проведению операций,доброту,терпение,за то,что каждое Ваше утро в центре начинается с обхода пациентов.Вы лучшая!!!❤️❤️❤️

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